Sunday, 2 October 2016

Exclusive from Kilogram24, The victim who survived a deadly Benue links accident gives her own part of the story.

Yesterday i shared a story about a lady known as Ene Daniella Agidike, who posted some photos on facebook and explained how God saved her and her friend from a deadly accident. (read here)

I personally interviewed her to know what really happened. She agreed to give me some exclusive gist about the whole incident.

According to her she said the driver just came back from a night journey, and instead of having some sleep, he went ahead to hit the road again without catching some rest.

As they proceeded into the journey the driver fell into a hole and that is all she could remember.

I also went further to ask her if there were any casualties.

She just said only one guy but a lot of them where hurt with injures all over their body.

God is not dead. I am so happy she is alive and strong.

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