Saturday, 1 October 2016

Happy new month beloved readers of Kilogram24 and happy independence day to Nigeria!

Happy new month my beloved Kilogram24 readers. Seeing all those thousand views daily and comment makes my day! lolzzz yes i know am a lazy blogger yes i know but believe moi i love you all to heaven.

Una see eh. these month eh all una prayers God must answer am. noting feels good to see people call you to confirm a particular gist or two! #smiles for some asking me for face of kilogram24 yap my head d dr na just time i no get as a final year student joining the two is time taking, but ama do my best to put it up.

Eh yes oh today is even 1st October i wish my country the best as we pray for our leaders and food price to drop to the position they met it or even down more.

I don talk finish lol bye for now make i sleep small jor.
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