Thursday, 6 October 2016

'Male Kim Kardashian' who spent £130,000 on plastic surgery to look like reality star undergoes THIRD nose job

A man dubbed the ‘male Kim Kardashian’ - who has spent £130,000 on plastic surgery to look like the US star - has flown to Turkey to undergo his third nose job.

Jordan Parkes, 24, has gone under the knife for two nose operations already.

But the perfectionist hopes he will have finally achieved the look he wants in Europe’s nose surgery capital, Istanbul.

Jordan, from Monton in Salford , said it could take a year for the swelling to go down completely after having his nose re-broken and some sections cut away this week, Manchester Evening News reports.

He said: “I showed my surgeon photos of Kim Kardashian as she has the perfect nose. It’s taken me three nose jobs but hopefully I have what I want now, as the surgeon warned me that it would not be possible to have any more nose surgery.”

Jordan said because of his fame, he no longer has to pay full price for surgery and often gets a huge discount as he can help promote the procedures.
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