Monday, 9 January 2017

Check out these wedding, pre-wedding and traditional wedding pictures of a KiLGRAM24 reader.

More readers of my blog are already making headlines this year and Sommy Udeh is one of them, a lot of blessings are coming our ways this year. So keep coming here daily to be part of it. ☺✌❤

The white wedding and traditional wedding of Sommy and her Boo, took place over the week and it worth talking about. As she took to her Facebook wall to write about the love of her life, she wrote :

If given the chance to do this over again, I'll still do it with you because with you i have found peace and rest of mind and in you i have found that man that is everly patient with me even when i get on your last damn nerve, your humility and care humbles me and i pray we keep waxing strong in love and continue to live happily forever..... Together we shall achieve greatness. Amen.

More pictures below.
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