Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Graphic pics: Ghanaian lady butchered to death by her ex-fiance after she refused to reconcile with him

A Ghanaian lady was butchered to death by her abusive ex-fiance after she refused to reconcile with him in Labone, Ghana.

According to the reports online, the lady walked out of the relationship with her kids and moved to aunt's house, after she could no longer endure his physical abuse towards her.
The culprit tried to get her back into the relationship but she refused, and this infuriated him even more. He then went her aunt's house where he used a machete to butcher the woman. She was found by neighbors who rushed her to the hospital but she died on the way.

 It is also alleged that on hearing that he didn't succeed in killing the woman, the man came back to the scene. It is reported that the culprit has been arrested.

 See the graphic photos and some Facebook comments, below...

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