Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Do you agree with him?

This post got me thinking deep, go on bro. Preach on!

According to Sunday DaSword Matthew:
All I see is a frustrated CABAL who no longer have a firm grip over Nigeria because of the dwindling health of Mr President!!!! They believe if we can't have Nigeria the way we want, then WAR must take over. The problem is not BIAFRA and it has nothing to do with the 30th May sit at home protest. The truth is: these cabals are sinking and they want to pull Nigeria along BUT unfortunately for them, the HAND OF GOD upon Nigeria is still very much in charge😍😍😍. I strongly believe in NIGERIA staying together as a Nation and for those looking for blood to shed, this is my prayer for you : May you and your family shed your blood on behalf of Nigerians!!!!!!!! No NIGERIAN (be it a Muslim or Christian) will die because of your STUPID SELFISH AMBITIONS
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