Monday, 26 June 2017

Whatsapp Would Like To Be Your New File Sharing Platform

For as long as we can recall, WhatsApp has provided its users with the opportunity to share documents, pictures, and videos, however, for some reason, it put restrictions on the file formats that could be sent.

Now, however, the Facebook-owned firm has started testing a new feature that enables people to share any type of file-- even an APK-- provided it's below 100MB on Android and 128MB on iOS.

Sure, 100MB is quite a small limitation, but we're suspecting the restriction is in place to stop users overwhelming WhatsApp's servers through the transfer of enormous files, like ultra-high-resolution video clips and video game.

If you find yourself going to Dropbox, Google Drive or perhaps another platform on your smart device to send files to people you chat with every day, you'll probably welcome this feature with open arms.
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