Thursday, 13 July 2017

Ebonyi state: through the eyes of a sojourner. By Ijeoma Ogoezuonu

By Ijeoma Ogoezuonu.  I continued my duty as an examination invigilator (SS2 D) for the third term examination at Army Day secondary school, Nkwagu, Abakaliki. I am truly disappointed, to say the least, in the management of the school. There is no form of appreciation whatsoever, and I’m wondering, is it because it is owned by the state government and its educational service is free, or is it because the students and their teachers are bent on adopting and maintaining a lackadaisical attitude in all their dealing, especially as it concerns the school.

The school’s management system is very poor. Today, the students were supposed to write an examination termed ‘unified examination’, but the exam didn’t start until 12:30pm, as against the stipulated starting time of 9:00am.

Some of the students were not even interested in the exams, saying that there was no need for them to write the exams as it wasn’t used for anything beneficial to them. I won’t hesitate to point out how smart and intelligent these students are, but I look at them and see them, their intellectual abilities going to waste, an attribute of poor management on the part of their school.

While we were reporting to the school, the principal addressed us as is normal, telling us how important it is for us to be disciplined and punctual, as defaulters will face penalties. While I was waiting in school, doing basically nothing until my students starts their examination, I saw the Principal walking in, at about 9:50am, and I was really disappointed, because the leader is not leading by example. The future of our nation lies in the hands of our youth and if the youth are not properly educated and truly literate, then we do not have a good future.

So, I invigilated an exam for the second time since I resumed service at Army Day secondary school, today. The examination setting was very familiar with me; I placed myself in the shoes of the students, but this time, something was different. I was irritated at the very sight of those students talking and whispering to each other, while the exam had commenced and was in progress. It’s different because I did it and when I was admonished, I felt like the teacher was disturbing me from “helping” my mate. Funny isn’t it?

If there is anything I have learnt so far, it is the fact that those “inspiring to change” movies we watch do not capture as much as half the rot going on in the society, as it is in reality. It is in fact, far worse in reality than it is in real life. Ebonyi state has so much potentials and resources to be a great place for the world as a matter of fact, but cruelty in man’s heart keeps on suppressing its greatness.

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