Saturday, 1 July 2017

"We Are In Love, We Made Love Regularly": Man Impregnates His Sister-In-Law (Pic) 2


Maria said though doctors certified her reproductive organs okay after conducting series of tests, she was unable to conceive thereafter. Her consolation, however, was that her spouse did not betray signs of desperation and frustration as the search for the fruit of the womb continued.

However, indications that her luck had been stretched to the limits manifested seven years into the marriage, but she least expected the events that unfolded. “About three years back, precisely towards the end of 2013, my husband suddenly lost interest in me. Whenever I touched him at night, he gave me one complaint or another. It is either he is tired or not in the mood”, she recalled in an interview with Saturday Sun.

Unknown to her, Joseph was engaged in a secret romance with Joy Agbo, her 24-year-old younger sister who she relocated earlier in the year from her village in Ogbadibo Local Government Area of Benue State to live with them at Akwanga. In her determination to ensure she played her expected role after the demise of their mother, Maria secured admission for her sibling at the College of Education, Akwanga, to study ...

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