Friday, 1 September 2017


Mr. Abok is married to two Women. Over the years they have lived happily, to the envy of some neighbours and friends. Betty, the senior wife conducts herself, as if she is the elder sister of Kate, her co-wife. Unlike, what obtains most times in such relationships, where the other party hardly reciprocate such kindness with warm and encouraging attitudes, Kate, the second wife respects
Betty, the senior wife, relates with her, the way an obedient daughter would, to a caring and loving mother.
To encourage the healthy relationship that exists in the family, Mr. Brown their husband, has specific days of the week, reserved for each wife, for his ward visits. The parties have been very faithful to the treaty, submitting to it religiously.  

Everything was going on smoothly, or so it seems, until one fateful day. That very day the senior wife, whose turn it was to perform the day’s maintenance chores, part of which was to prepare food for their husband, provide the birth water, and as you already knows, present herself for the game of Rod and Hole. By every standard, the Senior Wife was on top of the situation, considering that before midnight the couple have performed two contacts of the conjugal mandate. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING 
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